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Michelle Foote grew up around St Ives within a creative family and loved sketching and painting as a teen. She followed different career paths in Devon, however, and didn’t pick up a pencil or paintbrush for nigh on twenty years.

When her children were small she started painting and started to explore her creative side again. Michelle moved back to St Ives in 2010 and spent a few years trying to find her artist’ voice. Jumping at the chance to learn basic throwing techniques with local master potter, Adrian Brough, Michelle soon realised that the elements of painting, printing and pattern-making she so enjoyed could be utilised with great effect in pottery.

Inspired by the local landscape, seascape and big skies that Cornwall is famous for, Michelle also draws from Scandinavian folk art and Art Nouveau and creates handpainted repeat patterns on her decorative earthernware. 

As her skills develop, Michelle has started to create larger vessels which provide a great canvas for looser expressive painting culminating in her Cornish storm series. These pots are often textured with various slips and have layers of oxides and mark making around them evoking the wildness of a bad storm by the coast.

Buy direct from the artist.

To see all of Michelle's available ceramics visit her website below.

Michelle Foote Artist Statement Fish Str
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