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Seb West is a St. Ives born artist who has spent over 30 years producing vivid, contemporary paintings of the Cornish landscape from his own unique perspective. Initially recognised for his painted linocut reliefs, Seb has since diversified across a wide range of media and styles. Since 2012 he has been creating mainly abstract and semi-abstract works which incorporate heavy textures and a variety of patinas including metallic paints and leaf.

“I love the places where man has barely made a mark or where nature has reclaimed the terrain. I’m interested in the striations running through the rock, coincidence of line, the connectedness of things. Not just what you can see in front of you but what lies beneath and just beyond. I attempt to make sense of the soaring cliffs, blasted moors and bizarre rock formations by breaking the scene down into areas of colour, texture and patina to find an underlying geometry. My work owes more to design and sculpture than it does traditional landscape painting and my ultimate goal is to create a sense of the otherworldly nature of the Cornish landscape.”

Buy direct from the artist.

To see all of Seb's available artwork and a selection of prints please visit his website below.

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